21 Day Program: Align with Yourself!

21 day Program is an opportunity to learn four ancient and powerful practices, and align one’s system with his objectives and connect better with oneself. Register Now

This program is a wonderful opportunity to learn four ancient and powerful practices that bring forth tremendous support to the system.

As the coronavirus(COVID19) situation intensifies, you might be wondering: How can I keep myself healthy : physically and mentally being at home ?

Yoga is an integrated system that leads towards holistic development and smooth functioning of all 8 systems like respiratory, nervous, etc.  through hormones and body movements.

1.     Sukshma Vyayam (Yogic stretching )

More than 15 basic and preparatory movements to warm up the body, muscles and align the joints are taught in the program. These movements help prevent injuries during difficult yoga poses.

2.     Pranayama (Breathing awareness )

Breathing is an important pillar of yoga and meditation. One can control the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama and achieve a healthy body and sound mind.

3.     Yogasana ( Yoga postures)

Yoga teacher training program includes about 30 different yoga poses starting with poses for beginners and intermediate level practitioner and some advanced poses are included but it is for those who can do it easily.

4.     Dhyana (Meditation )

The final objective is controlling the mind and achieving meditation with no thoughts. It is initially difficult to achieve it hence we use breath , asana and meditation techniques of sound ,mantras for attaining calmness in kind.

Sequence of classes and their plan

 Day 1-6 (Yoga stretching and Pranayama)

Objective :Introduction to yoga and pranayam and its benefits

Classes will focus on yoga stretching which has Pawanmuktasana series 1 which focuses on loosening of body joints and breathing techniques will be taught which will be used for all the future classes and will help the participants in daily lifestyle.

Pranayama includes Deep breathing, Fast breathing, alternate Nostril breathing (anuloma Viloma), Surya Bhedan (Right Nostril breathing), Bhastrika (Bellow’s breath), Bhramari (Humming Bee Pranayama), Shitali, Sitkari (Cooling Pranayama) will be explained  with practice with its benefits.

General class schedule: Yogic stretching : 25 Mins and Breathing 25 Mins

Benefits: Joint relaxation and breathing awareness 

Bhramri Pranayama
Bhramri Pranayama

Day 7-14 (Yogasana )

Objective :Understand Yoga postures and their impact on Body

Moderate Yoga postures for keeping diseases at bay by focusing on reducing physical and mental stress through a combination of Yoga stretching, Pranayama , Yoga postures and guided meditation.

General class schedule: Yogic stretching: 10 Mins, Breathing 10 Mins, Yoga postures: 30 Mins

Benefits: Improved Body Flexibility and breathing awareness with stress reduction 

Day 15-18 (benefits of yoga postures w.r.t. different body parts)

Objective :Practice Yoga postures and understand their benefits 

Sequences of yoga asanas for improving overall health and understanding the impact on various postures on the human body. For e.g. Yoga for immunity, Yoga for relaxing eyes and upper back, etc.

General class schedule: Yogic stretching: 8 Mins, Breathing 8 Mins, Yoga postures: 24 Mins, Meditation: 10 Mins

Benefits: Improved Body Awareness and better mind-body coordination

Day 19-21 (Meditation)

Objective :Practice Meditation techniques and understand it’s benefits 

Complete focus on mediation and its benefits. Meditation techniques Including Body scan or progressive relaxation, Prana Meditation, So Ham Meditation, Mantra meditation and mindfulness Meditation.

General class schedule: Yogic stretching: 5 Mins, Breathing 5 Mins, Meditation : 40 Mins

Benefits: Relaxed Mind and Anxiety/anger management 

The complete benefits of meditation will be realised towards the end of the session as individuals will have complete control of their mind and body through breath control.


·         Laughter Yoga (weekly once) and meditation (alternate days 15 min) will be taken to break monotony and enhance participation.

·         Last 5-10 Mins will reserved for doubts and Question and answer session

 Objectives of the program  

During the classes the focus will be on overall health improvement and certain practices will be reinforced which will help to reduce stress and improve concentration thereby enhancing productivity. It has been observed that the overall anxiety levels are reduced amongst the audience and Blood pressure is stabilized. This leads to improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task. It also improves employee alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations.

Classes started from Mon 01 JUNE 2020: 7 00 – 7 55 AM (Mon – Friday )

Classes started from Mon 01 JUNE 2020: 8 00 – 8 55 AM (Mon – Friday )

Yogis can join any or both sessions ( sat Based on request)

2999/- 1500/- for 21 Sessions (50% off ) and a KhushiSeYoga 21 H yoga practice completion certificate and reading material and E-books

Book single session on Fitternity : https://www.fitternity.com/khushiseyoga-sanpada

Note: Register for 1 free demo class anytime and you can cancel your course till then if you wish to not continue the journey.

Lifetime yoga content, yoga therapy and counselling to all participants

Become a part of KhushiSeYoga family and lead a happy life 🙂

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