A Small talk with Om Prakash Vishnoi, our featured yogi for today


Hari Om 

Welcome to KhushiSeYoga Interview series of prominent Yogi spreading happiness around the world.

Today we have Om Prakash Vishnoi as our guest. He is currently living in Bangalore and works in VMWare. He has been practising yoga as well as training people from the past few years.  

Story of Yogi : Om Prakash Vishnoi 

Talk about how yoga found you when you most needed it? How it all started?

Hi, This is Om. I am a Software Engineer. I have lived in Bangalore for the past 13 years and I started practising Yoga four years back.

Unlike others I started Yoga due to below two reasons:

1. I had developed frequent cold and wheezing issues and I had been to many doctors to cure it. They gave inhalers saying this is common in Bangalore, but I was not convinced and I said to myself this is the last thing I want to do in my life.

2. I used to work long hours due to my reporting to the US team and I started having neck and lower back pain issues, maybe due to bad postures.

 To improve my fitness I started running and it helped me to some extent but that was not enough. Later I started joining Corporate Yoga classes in the VMWare office ( Where I work). I met Shantala Madhu Mam. She has experience of more than  20 years in teaching Yoga. Initially, I did not  like Yoga as it seemed a bit slow for a runner and a gym guy. I kept going for a few months and I was asking a lot of questions on Yoga asanas and started practising at home as well. Shantala ma’am gave me a reference Book called “Light On Yoga”. I started following that book in self practice. I found that my neck pain and wheezing  completely vanished in 5-6 Months and I started liking Yoga and wanted to go even more deeper in terms of Asanas and theoretical knowledge.

This has turned me into a Yoga addict and these days I practice Yoga in the morning. It includes good cardio warmup, few planned advance postures, and then Pranayama ( Planned Yoga postures like forward bends, backbends, shoulder strengthening,  inversions, and Mobility).

How yoga transformed you and has become a tool to help/guide others and spread health and happiness (as a teacher)?                              

 Yoga is really helping in my current profession as well. I can see myself focused more in my work, it helps me to make better decisions. Workload don’t tire me so I spend more time during office hours.

Your tips on daily practice and daily habits. 

Rise early to do Yoga practice, eat healthy food and stay fit and stay healthy.  Remember It’s YOUR Practice so will have to give you self-awareness.

 Sleep early and try to do Yoga early in the morning. After a 7-8 hrs of sleep, yoga, stretching and taking some deep breaths will make you feel good and you will be feeling energetic the whole day. I would say, spend 30 mins for yourself on Yoga or Pranayama/Meditation.

As a teacher – you can talk about your style/practice of yoga. Your future plans with yoga, etc 

I mostly practice a mix of Hatha and Ashtanga. This has put me in a stage where I practice advanced Yoga Asanas. I would love to explore more theoretical knowledge of Yoga, and want to give more time to Pranayama and Meditation. Future plan is to keep doing yoga and take myself to the next level in terms of Asana Practice and get more knowledge on Yoga.

Om Prakash Vishnoi, a yogi

Your tips for others who want to pursue Yoga TTC.

It is great. Yoga is not just doing Asanas, you should know every aspect of the Yoga ( Pranayama, meditation and get more theoretical knowledge , self-awareness etc).

If you have any favourite quotes about yoga/wellness- you can add that too.  

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita

How to contact you to join Yoga sessions conducted by you?   

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/omvishnoiyoga/   

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