Who We Are

Our Philosophy

According to us, Yoga is a journey, not a destination. It requires Patience(Dhareya), Practice(abhyaas) and understanding your Potential(Kshamta). Yogic values should be inculcated in daily lifestyle for a stressful and peaceful life. She believes that yoga and meditation should be taught in every school and college so that it reaches masses and who understand its benefits. Yoga should be accessible to all and not to the entitled.

Our STory

We are a Yoga couple and we preach what we practice in our daily life. We also created “ KhushiSeYoga “ brand to stress upon the fact that happiness is the goal of Yoga.

Sunder Bishnoi

Founder & CEO

Certified 200RT Yoga Instructor from Yoga vidya gurukul, Nasik

MBA from Army Institute of Managment and Technology

Meet the team

We are providing Yoga as a service (YaaS) to corporates, schools, and everyone who wants to practice and learn yoga to attain its benefits

Sunder and Ashok are couple Yogis on a mission to spread Yoga and its message to everyone through KhushiSeYoga and their happy yogi ambassadors across India and abroad. Both of them are certified Yogis and have conducted several yoga,meditation and laughter yoga sessions for many corporates around India.

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