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Swayam: Self healers program

There is an obvious gap between our understanding of mental health and the sad reality that tragedies like suicide bring to light. The pandemic has affected all of us in ways we don’t fully understand. Our mental health issues are one of the things that need to be prioritized.


Yoga poses that can help you cure diabetes

In this age of urbanization, the urban lifestyle gives you a lot of things but at the cost of your health. Intake of calorie-rich food, least exposure to nature, less space for exercise, and dependency on machines to get your work done, these are the things that make your body physically inactive. As it is said, ‘a sound mind resides in a healthy body’, physical illness can further lead to mental problems, anxiety, and stress.

Yoga and Pranayam for enhancing Immunity for respiratory diseases

Seasonal diseases can be kept at bay with strong immunity. Yoga postures help strengthen your immune system by stimulating the thymus gland.The thymus gland is a small organ behind the breastbone that plays an important function both in the immune system and endocrine system. It plays an important role in immunity, autoimmunity, and aging of a person. …

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