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Have a Back pain? Try these Yoga poses to get rid of it

Back pain has become a prevalent problem in this hustle-bustle life. Corporate employees are so involved in work that they have forgotten to keep a check on their health. Running to catch the train, sitting for hours at offices are among those activities that can lead to an ache in your spine. Yoga for corporate employees focusing on …

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Breath Awareness / Pranayama Program

5 Day Breath Awareness / Pranayama Program!
The Program is an opportunity for the students to learn three ancient and powerful practices, and align one’s system with his objectives of breath awareness and stress management. These techniques help students to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit and by improving the Respiratory, circulatory, and Nervous system.

Mud Therapy

Mud is an important element of nature and one of the five elements of nature i.e. Earth(Prithvi). The Samkhya school propounded by Rishi Kapila holds the five tanmatras or principle ideas as the essential elements that are the primordial causes of the five substantial elements of physical manifestation. It contains important minerals which have positive …

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