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Story of Yogis : krutika shukla

Story of Yogis : Krutika Shukla

1. My journey towards yoga, how it all started when I needed it the most.

My first yoga certification program from Ambika yoga kutir. The journey started thereafter then it didn’t stop me. 2001 I am met with a very personal tragedy. It bounced back me upside down.   I didn’t know what to do. I was completely collapsed. I decided to join a yoga course for my mental peace. I never knew that this will become my vision, my mission, and my life. 

Stroy of Yogis : Krutika Shukla

2. What were some of the challenges that you faced during your practice and how did you overcome them?

My story is very different,  I did my yoga course in saree. In fact, I was the only one student in saree. I didn’t get permission from my in-laws to wear churidar on the final day when I had to demonstrate a few aasnas on the stage. Being Marwadi Bahu I had to accept it without any arguments. My elder sister-in-law was doing the same course with me wearing churidar. The first thing I learned that is to accept and  be composed and I did that. Because the situation was not under my control. I couldn’t take my certificate. I never left yoga then in 2007 I got an opportunity to do yoga shikshak certification from y c m o u. Yashwantrao Chauhan Maharashtra Open University. 

I also did few certification from Yog Vidya Dham. 

Stroy of Yogis : Krutika Shukla

3. The transformation of yourself towards finding your true goals and your yoga journey? 

In this Journey I never realized but my behavior and nature were changing gradually. Like I was a typical type a personality. So I used to get irritated and get upset when something is not happening right. Off course, few Quality of politeness, respect to the elders, and obedience was already in genes.  Overall the lifestyle,  the perception,  the thought process got changed dramatically. Acceptance to the counter view,I  can surely give credit to yoga.Somewhere a healthy lifestyle,  happiness, smile was actually my characteristics right from birth. I was very lucky to embrace yoga without making much difference to my lifestyle.but what yoga gives me that is sometimes difficult to describe in words that is more a feeling which is inwardly the mental satisfaction getting satisfied with your own self, understanding yourself to the extent of self-realization like your fears,   doubts,   weakness,  strength accept you as a person with all those limitations and you always try to achieve something better in this beautiful journey of yog.My favorite dialogue while teaching students are we all alive? I feel we should always feel great that we are alive we can breathe.

 Do breath with a pleasant smile. I never did yoga to become teacher, yes since 2002  I used to teach yogasana to my family members and after 2007 I used to teach yoga to few society members regularly just as a part of social service. Meanwhile a friend of mine offered me to take yog session at one of the Gym and since then due to students’ feedback, I chose yog as a professional assignment. 

4. Tell us about your practice. How much time do you dedicate for your practice?

I normally do practice with my students Just on weekends I do self-practice with focus on breathing and a few Aasnas which I want to improve.

 I was never a strict teacher with me or my students while making them learn yoga. My philosophy is that do what your body can afford to do as there are 84 lacs aasnas . you really can’t imagine to do all but Consistency , focus and interest to learn yoga I always look in them.

 5. Your message to students who want to do TTC or become corporate yoga instructor ?

I tell my students if u have interest then the path becomes easier and you will get or achieve what you really want to achieve without much hassle or bring very strict.

 I do like variations. I am never satisfied doing any aasnas or series of aasnas in just one way or strictly following any single yoga form or style. I follow many forms like Vinasya, artistic, ashtanga, and power yoga.I just recommend one important thing when somebody wants to pursue yog as a career,  do you really love learning and teaching yoga?  Then only u can become an ideal teacher,  it can become a career for you but just don’t pursue yoga from earning point of view. Learning yoga should be the primary focus.

 6. My quote and mantras.

My favorite quote is” yog my life my energy “and  “yoga humse hee hoga”

And favorite Mantra I keep repeating in  the class is “are we all alive”? 

7. How do people connect with Krutika Shukla : Corporate Yoga Instructor

And link for FB page

Instagram as @krutikayoga

Watch the entire interview on the below link :

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