”EkaGruha” by KhushiSeYoga

What we do

Starting with Yoga Hostel  ”EkaGruha” by KhushiSeYoga , a unique concept for peer learning and teaching yoga to community and spreading positivity. 

While performing the daily errands, we are always focused on taking the project forward towards its final goal; the vision of a  yoga gurukul providing sustainable yoga services.

We would also teach yoga and meditation to students of nearby schools helping student become mentally and physically fit for life.

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”EkaGruha” by KhushiSeYoga

Yoga enthusiats and travellers home who wants to visit jodhpur

* Why contribute? *

Help us create a Yoga community by – Contributing to the campaign and Voicing it out in your circle. 

By contributing to the campaign you are not creating space just for yourself but also for your friends, family and the people from all around the globe you didn’t get to meet yet.

Contribute and get lifetime fee stay at the community hostel in jodhpur and future yoga hostels across India. 

The yoga hostel wants itself a platform for meeting, sharing and learning with people from the Earth. Travellers are the vehicles of experiences and ideas, and we want to gather this information and share it to the largest number. We exist to facilitate the spread of ideas among these travellers and beyond them, beyond us.

The hostel is an open idea, manifesting this would make it feel like home to the yogis, artists, musicians, readers, thinkers and writers and would serve as a base for yoga knowledge sharing, collaborative art and meetings.

Each contribution is helping the hostel realise itself, get better infrastructure to make it more organised and comfortable for the guests, and cover daily running costs.

We are very excited for the project and living in this house is just wonderful. There is just so much to know and learn every day when the world starts to live together. All the first contributors, thank you again for enabling the hostel reach where it is now.

Parts of universe who are reading this and who would like to support this experiment, can check our online funding campaign  – contribute a little and maybe make a big noise for our brave efforts to make it possible for the world.


Support on Milaap : Live Campaign , support and share with your community 

Support directly by booking Yoga or hostel : Book Now or call 9405641518



facilities ready


Sunder Bishnoi, our founder took virtual yoga and pranayama sessions for COVID positive patients in Jalore and within a week the patients recovered. This session focused on activating Thymus Gland through Asana, that plays an important role in boosting immunity. The session covered some breathing exercises which helps in cleaning respiratory system.

The present day picture of KhushiSeYoga Hostel, the essence of positivity in the property, the constructive conversations & feedbacks are possible thanks to every contribution that has arrived since the start of the crowdfunding campaign; All of them create a strong base of our motivation to carry the project towards the final goal.

The Jodhpur project requires 10,000 Euros to fulfil the dream of community run Yoga hostel. We are thankful for the contribution and also for the trust shown in the strength of manifesting a dream with togetherness.

We are looking for volunteers who would like you to invest your time towards improving the place with fundraising, marketing, Yoga content and Video creation, Creatives, any items which can be reused etc. or anything you are good at.

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please feel free to get in touch.

We also need yoga instructers who would like to volunteer and teach mrng yoga sessions.

Yoga Retreat in Jodhpur-2022

Start 2022 on positive note

Upcoming retreats and meet postive people  

only 10 seats

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Christmas to New Year Yoga Retreat in Jodhpur
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