KhushiSeYoga Conducted Yoga , Meditation, stress management and breathing awareness sessions at Cipla Kurkumbh campus near Pune for 1 year as part of their monthly yoga sessions.

Even after shifting to Navi Mumbai , we have conducted corporate sessions at Cipla’s Thane and Patalganga offices.

We appreciate Cipla for undertaking Yoga and meditation sessions for its employees who work passionately at their plants in remote locations.


Navi Mumbai

We started yoga sessions at Trimble to inculcate healthy lifestyle and reduce stress amongst employees.
Its been 8 months and we have recieved great feedback from HR and employees who have felt the transformation not only physically but mentally as well.

Lifestyle Multi City Event

Yoga session across retail outlets in 5 cities

KhushiseYoga conducted Yoga sessions across 16 lifestyle outlets with the help of yogis across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Vadodra, Chennai etc. on 29 July 2019. We always love to spread positivity to retail employees who stand for 8-10 hours and helped them to prepare themselves mentally and physically through yoga and meditation.

We encourage all retail brands to help their employees destress through Yoga


We have conducted Chair Yoga sessions at HSBC’s Goregaon Office. This session catered to around 100 employees of HSBC and helped them destress using Sukshma Vyayam (Yogic Stretching) and Breathing Awareness sessions.

Monthly Yoga Series

We conduct a monthly yoga series as part of our service.

So, we conducted monthly yoga sessions at Cipla, Kurkumbh, which included a 21 day yoga programme for the employees. 

Chair/Desk Yoga Corporate Session

KhushiSeYoga has created a chair/desk yoga flow exclusively for corporates where the employees can perform these yoga steps to reduce stress and improve flexibility. Companies include Naukri office Andheri ;
Reserve bank information technology;
Cipla, Kurkumbh etc. where we have conducted chair yoga sessions.

Corporate Laughter Yoga

We have conducted Laughter sessions for Heal and connect , Locon Solutions, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas etc. at their corporate offices.

Laughter Yoga for Health, Happiness and Peace. Laughter Yoga is non-religious and non-political. LY is a combination of laughter exercises and deep yogic breathing which oxygenates our body and brain and makes us feel healthy and energetic. It is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter.

Stress Management

We have conducted Stress Management sessions for Cipla, we work, Cognizant etc. at their corporate offices.

Stress is a common condition, a response to a physical threat or psychological distress, that generates a host of chemical and hormonal reactions in the body. In essence, the body prepares to fight or flee, pumping more blood to the heart and muscles and shutting down all nonessential functions.

Because Yoga fosters self-awareness, Yoga is a promising approach for dealing with the stress response.

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