Swayam: Self healers program

AEar- Listening to Yourself ( Mental health program)

There is an obvious gap between our understanding of mental health and the sad reality that tragedies like suicide bring to light. The pandemic has affected all of us in ways we don’t fully understand. Our mental health issues are one of the things that need to be prioritized.

Do we all procrastinate? Do we all sometimes fall prey to bad eating habits and bad sleeping habits? Do we all have something that we can call our own ‘addictions’? Do we all fail to give ourselves enough time? Would you say you are as productive as you used to be before the pandemic?

mental health program

We, with your support, are planning to run a year-long program till the next yoga day, 21 June 2021. Please fill the google form and you will receive a free module after the submission so you can start studying on your own.

This module has been carefully curated by a group of professionals and will form the framework of the year-long program which will help you live a more fulfilled life.

Participants of the program will receive :

  1. A module on mental health and basic psychology (designed by professionals) FREE of cost
  2. Free weekly/monthly sessions with professionals
  3. Yoga classes from certified instructors
  4. Meditation sessions & counselling
  5. Year-long support and close-knit group to help with difficult life situations
  6. Plan for first month’s activities

By filling this form you are giving your consent to use your contact information for further communication purposes. Strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout the program.

Depending on the responses you submit, if selected you’ll receive a confirmation by email along with your copy of the first module.

A new beginning towards mental health goals …

Take a pledge to become AEar for someone who would need your help.

KhushiSeYoga understands the importance of mental health and is working with experts to curate the mental health program.

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