Workplace Yoga

Do your eye irritate or water? Does your neck pain from all that screen time? Does your corporate lifestyle leave you no time to tend to yourself?

Corporate work demands full attention and time. This leads to back and neck pain, eye irritation, shoulder pain, obesity, anxiety and ultimately stress. Due to the time commitment, it is not possible to give ourselves enough time to relax. This makes us resort to untraditional methods of stress and pain relief. But not anymore.

You may have heard of the following: Corporate Yoga, Yoga at Workplace or Office Yoga. This means that you can do yoga from your workplace. No need to go out and risk your work hours. Yoga is good for anxiety, depression and stress relieving along with obesity and relaxation. With the help of Workplace Yoga you can reap the benefits of Yoga at your desk itself.

Here are some simple chair or desk yoga stretches, to relieve yourself from the pain. Make sure that your chair is steady, preferable if you do this on a chair without any wheels.

  1. Neck Rotation– Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation – 5 times.
  2. Shoulder Rotation– This is a 4 step procedure. Do this one clockwise and anti-clockwise – 3 times.
  3. Twist– Keep your hands at shoulder level and turn to your left, from above your waist. Repeat the same for the other side also. 3 times each side.
  4. Leg Movement– Hold your chair or just place your palms on your lap. Lift one leg and hold for 5 seconds. Now repeat the same for the other side. 5 times each leg.
  5. Stretch– Interlock your fingers with your hands stretched outward. Take a deep breath, raise your hands above your head while inhaling and then exhale. Now again inhale and bring your hands down while exhaling.
  6. Bending– Raise your hands up while inhaling, interlock your fingers and while exhaling go down. Hold for 30 seconds, then inhale and come back up. Now bend towards your right, then centre then left and centre and release.

Now relax, these simple movements stretch your shoulder, hands, neck, back and gives you a relaxed feeling. Now you can get back to work rejuvenated.

Office Yoga is simple, easy and to your convenience. No extra time required. No special clothes required. No equipment required. But it gives you the relaxation and rejuvenation needed. Workplace Yoga is the need of the hour. So as to give us corporate employee’s relaxation in this time of excess work.

Yoga is for Life!   Healthy Mind & Body, Happy Life!

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