Have a Back pain? Try these Yoga poses to get rid of it


Back pain has become a prevalent problem in this hustle-bustle life. Corporate employees are so involved in work that they have forgotten to keep a check on their health. Running to catch the train, sitting for hours at offices are among those activities that can lead to an ache in your spine. Yoga for corporate employees focusing on strengthening the Spine and neck helps to relieve stress and improve productivity.

Hey, what do we know about the causes of back pain?  

There are many, but all somehow relate to each other.  

  • Bones weaken with increasing age, so it can be a reason behind your aching back. Eating fast food and junk food have led to excessive fat consumption in today’s youth. Since your back carries all your weight, so these needless and extra fat on your body can lead to back pain.  
  • Some diseases like Arthritis and cancer can contribute to back pain. Your habit of smoking can also take you there. 
  • Psychological condition does play a role in comprehensive wellness of an individual. If you get depressed and anxious, back pain may be knocking your door anytime soon. 

Yoga asanas to help your corporate employees manage back stress

Don’t get anxious about it though. Reading these may have given you a headache already. You are craving for the solution and so are we. Do not worry, there is a quick fix to your problem in yoga. Some asanas can help you relieve your back pain. 

Child’s pose (Shashank Asana) 

You can start your session with this asana. At first, you need to sit in the Vajrasana position, then with a deep inhale take your hands straight up, above your head. Now, with an exhalation, lean forward and lie on the floor with your hands stretched forward and your forehead touching the ground. Hold this pose for around 2-3 minutes, as per your convenience, and breathe normally with your eyes closed throughout. Slowly, come back to the initial position.  

Cat-Cow pose (Marjaryasana and Bitilasana)  
Arched back

Sit in the Vajrasana position and then stand on your knees. Lean forward with your wrists right under your shoulders and your palm facing the floor. Try to keep your hands and thighs always perpendicular to the floor. Inhale a deep breath and stretch your spine inwards with your neck in an upward direction. Hold the pose for few seconds and then hunch your spine with your neck facing downwards. Repeat this process for 1-3 minutes.  This helps you stretch your spines.  

Downward-facing Dog (Adho Mukha Asana) 

Start from the position as in Cat-cow pose. Take your legs backward and fully stretch them. Move your hands slightly forward of your shoulders. Move your knees off the floor and try to stand in the formed position. You should have your neck pointing towards the floor while your hips pointing upwards. Try keeping your feet and palms always flat on the floor. This will stretch your lower back as well as your spines. Hold this position for anywhere between 1-3 minutes. Slowly, bend your knees and keep them on the floor with an exhalation and relax in Child’s pose.  

This is one of the poses from sun-salutation and is very helpful relieving the stress in back muscles. 

Back twisting with lying down 

This helps to relieve any kind of back pain in any age group.  

The three ways to go for it

Lie down on the floor with your hands stretched in respective directions. There are three ways you can go with the legs: 

  • Fold your knees and keep your feet together. Turn both your legs on each side, right and left, one by one. Keep your neck opposite w.r.t to the legs. Hold this position for few seconds on each side. 
  • This time, maintain a gap between your knees as well as the feet. Turn on each side in a way that your knee of the leg opposite to the turning side rests on the foot of the leg of the same side. For example, if you are turning your legs on the right side, your left knee should rest on the right foot. Repeat this process on the other side as well. Always remember to turn your neck in the opposite direction as of the legs. Do this for around 2-3 minutes. 
  • The third way to go about it is with your one leg fully-stretched and the other folded. Fold your leg in such a way that the foot of your folded leg rests beside the knee of the stretched leg. Now, turn your leg on the opposite side of the folded leg. Like, turn to the left side if you have folded your right leg. Repeat this with the other leg. Hold the position as per your convenience.  

So, these were the asanas that can prove to be effective in relieving your back stress. Perform these regularly and surprise yourself with an ache-free spine. It is just a beginning; you can further flip the pages and find other asanas for different physical and mental health issues. Yoga never disappoints anyone. 

Watch this YouTube tutorial from Sunder Bishnoi.

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