‘Yoga for COVID positive patients’ as a part of CSR activity

CSR activity

Yoga has been an integral part of our lives since ancient times. We all are well-aware of the benefits it brings to us. For those who are not familiar with the concept of yoga, we at KhushiSeYoga, try to break it and make it simple for you. As the situation we are currently facing is unprecedented, we had to come up with something for our people. So, we launched a program named as ‘Yoga for COVID-19 patients’ as a part of CSR activity. KhushiSeYoga is providing free yoga sessions to people and helping them to fight Coronavirus.  

The feature for CSR

Jalore Bhaskar featured us for our CSR activity

Jalore Bhaskar (Rajasthan Daily) featured us in their today’s edition. Our founder Sunder Bishnoi took virtual yoga sessions for COVID positive patients for an hour daily. She made them do some pranayama techniques along with some yoga asanas. These yogic practices helped the patients boost their immunity and fighting strength of their cells, and they proved as a cure to this devastating disease. The four patients have got their test results for the first test and it came out to be negative and they are certain that the second report will also be in their favor. They hope to go back to their homes after the hospital authority discharges them.  

It is crucial for every single of us to stay fit and healthy. The Coronavirus has taken a toll on the whole world and with lockdown 4.0 in effect from today, we will be exposed to the virus to an extent. So we have created a tutorial on YouTube for you to practice yoga when this virus keeps you stranded at your homes. We have also created a blog about the benefits these asanas bring to you. In the blog we have talked about different yoga postures and their beneficial impact on the immune system. In addition to yoga postures, pranayama (breathing techniques) also help in boosting the immunity. Moreover, some of these breathing techniques clear the nasal passage and increase the lung resistance to respiratory diseases.  You can also join us in our virtual yoga sessions.  

So, just pick an hour or half and grab your mats. Try to practice yoga regularly so that when you are going out, you feel strong enough to fight this pandemic. 

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